March 17, 2023

What’s Happening This Month on the JGS Lifecare Campus

Cast of Characters at JGS Lifecare celebrate Purim

There have been lots of celebrations this past month, keeping our residents and staff energized, entertained and engaged. On February 28, residents gathered to celebrate the 100th birthday of Janet Lemieux. Representative Brian Ashe joined us to present Janet with a citation from the House of Representatives commemorating the special milestone. Cake and ice cream were enjoyed by all. When asked how she felt about turning 100, Janet remarked it was shocking to her and gave a chuckle!

Holly and Hortense, members of our Life Enrichment staff, came up with a fun activity entitled “Tie-Dye Day! Staff and residents tie-dyed t-shirts and wore them while enjoying music and tie-dyed cake. Holly baked the tie-dyed cake and Hortense made tie-dyed finger sandwiches. Other activities have included a bowling tournament, a Veteran’s gathering, and spiritual life planning.

On March 7 residents and staff enjoyed celebrating the Jewish Holiday of Purim, commemorating when the Jewish people were saved from persecution during the time of the ancient Persian Empire. The story is told of the near-destruction of the Jewish people as decreed by Haman, an adviser to the Persian King Ahasuerus. However, Ahasuerus’ newly crowned queen, Esther – who replaced Vashti when she was thrown out of the kingdom – is secretly a Jew. Due to her courage and eventual role in saving the Jews, the story of Purim is known as the “Megillat Ester,” or the Scroll of Esther.

On the morning of Purim, staff came dressed in costumes and reenacted the story of Esther. Residents enjoyed the play, sounded noisemakers when Haman’s name was said, and enjoyed hamantaschen, triangle-shaped cookies, named after Haman, the evil villain. Celebrations continued in the afternoon, with a concert from singer-songwriter Laura Wetzler. It was a fun and joyous day!