Frankel-Kinsler Classic, Day of Tournaments

CANCELLED - Planning is underway for our 2021 tournament

News: JGS Lifecare’s 39th Annual Frankel-Kinsler Classic Day of Tournaments Rallies Wide Range of Support for the Care of our Elders – See list of 2019 tournament sponsors and winners!

A day of friendship and fun

The Frankel-Kinsler Classic Day of Tournaments is our signature annual golf, bridge, canasta, mahjong, pickleball, and tennis tournament to raise funds to support our community’s seniors and older adults.

Named in honor of Michael J. Frankel and the Herman and Raymond Kinsler families, this day of friendly competition and the evening cocktail party and dinner, are attended by hundreds of supporters. JGS Lifecare counts on the generous sponsorships received from dedicated individuals, corporations, retail businesses, and foundations to purchase new equipment and provide employee scholarships for additional training and career advancement.

Please share the fun and become a sponsor while contributing to the compassionate care of our campus community.

CANCELLED – Planning is underway for our 2021 tournament

Dear Friends:

The past two and a half months have compelled us to navigate unprecedented challenges and changes. I hope that today you and your families are well and that your businesses have found ways to adapt. COVID-19 has touched us all, and finding our “new normal” will take time. It should therefore come as no surprise that we are cancelling this year’s Frankel-Kinsler Day of Tournaments. We had a great deal to celebrate during this 40th Anniversary Celebration, but all that will have to wait until 2021.

Although our Frankel-Kinsler had been cancelled, our needs remain urgent. In early May the Associated Press reported that long-term care facilities in Massachusetts accounted for nearly 60% of all coronavirus-related deaths in the state, one of the highest publicly reported rates in the country. The daily news recounts heart- wrenching stories of family separation and loss. With all the challenges, we share a huge responsibility and remain totally committed to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our treasured elders.

We understand the virus’s devastating toll on family health and financial situations — but if you are searching for a meaningful way to help and are able to make a gift of support, please know that your dollars will help us address enormous unanticipated costs incurred in fighting COVID-19. Your gift can have the following significant impact:

  • $100 will purchase 105 surgical masks ($0.95/each)
  • $275 will purchase 73 N-95 masks ($3.75/each)
  • $500 will purchase 89 protective gowns ($5.60/each)
  • $750 will purchase 200 N-95 masks ($3.75/each)
  • $1000 will purchase 147 face shields ($6.80/each)
  • $2,500 will purchase 279 goggles ($8.95/each)
  • $5,000 will purchase 18 COVID-19 tests ($275/each)
  • $10,000 will purchase 36 COVID-19 tests ($275/each) or 3 electrostatic disinfectant sprayers ($3,500/each)

To make a gift, mail in your check to the Development Office or click on the Make Your 2020 Gift Now button below and you will be directed to our giving form.

If there is a silver-lining to this pandemic it is the many acts of goodwill, support and loving-kindness we have received. We look forward to finding our “new normal” and our ability to gather once again in 2021 as a community, supporting our beloved seniors.

Thank you and wishing you safety and good health,

Susan Kimball Halpern
Vice President of Development & Communications

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