September 13, 2021

Ode by Seymour Frankel

Take a look at the poem Seymour Frankel wrote at our FIRST Summer Classic. Seymour loved writing poems for every occasion, and this one was very special. We featured earlier the wonderful poem by past Board Chair Susan Kline, which she wrote to honor Seymour. Two very talented poets!

Click here to view/download a PDF of the poem.

As everyone here this evening knows,
I’ve never been good at speaking in prose
So I will take a little time
And extend my thanks to all, in rhyme.
To my co-chairman, Eddie and Len
I thank them over and over again,
Two trouble shooters from the start
Every day, they did their part
Our publicity, we’ll praise to the hilt
And it was all done by Normal and Milt.
Those posters round town that were so superb
Were all hand-drawn, by my brother-in-law Herb.
Now if you want a well done job
Call on my golf chairman – Bob
He got his golfers – set his teams –
Enjoys his work — see how he beams.
Of the tennis arrangements, I had no fears
When under the guidance of both of the Leers
If neither a racket or club you can swing
We had poolside games so you’d do your own thing
Just tell Frieda Alpert and before very long
She’d have you set up for some bridge or mah-jong.
Our door prize list seems never endin’
Thanks to the efforts of Shirley Genden.
Her Holyoke helper was never lax,
You guessed it, we had Lorelyn Saex.
Edna and Dottie, as a team, are a winner

They made all the plans for our fine lunch and dinner
Handled tickets and meals and even moresome
they did more work than any foursome.
We sincerely hope that you got your wish
And weren’t served chicken when you ordered fish.
Registration was handled by Cynthia K.
and all of you ladies who worked the whole day.
The geraniums that are on each table
are by Muriel Webber and helpers, so able.
Bea, Shirley, Bill Burrows all get our applause-
He never says “No,” when it’s a good cause.
To Frances and Ralph and their entire crew
Without them all, we’d not know what to do.
They gave us encouragement right from the start
Our thanks go to them, from deep in our heart.
Yes – from the whole crop, I took the cream
and I must admit that I had a good team.
But now, I must get down in the ranks
And, you are the friends to whom we owe thanks
Yours is the help that we really needed
If you were not here, we would not have succeeded
Please wear your new visors, on that we insist
So folks around town will see just what they missed
Because for the “Home” you all obviously care,
We’ll try to make out Classic an annual affair
For tennis or golf, or whatever sport
We hope we can count on continued support.