March 31, 2023

JGS Lifecare Shares Strategies of Success During Challenging Times at National Aging Conference

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Members of JGS Lifecare, a leading non-profit health care system serving seniors and their families, were presenters at the recent Association of Jewish Aging Services Conference in St. Petersburg, FL. Adam Berman, CEO; Dr. Stuart Anfang, Chairperson of the Board; and Susan Goldsmith, Immediate Past Chairperson, took the opportunity to share strategies that have helped JGS Lifecare succeed through the tremendous healthcare uncertainty that has prevailed these last few years.

At a time when 20%+ of Massachusetts skilled nursing facilities have closed in the past 15 years and, based upon research from the investment banking firm Ziegler, non-profit providers are far more likely to close than for-profit providers, JGS Lifecare has expanded and flourished.

Key strategies have included the organizations’ tradition of caring and nonnegotiable commitment in all its decision making to the dignity and well-being of its residents, as well as decisions to diversify the organization by venturing into assisted living with Ruth’s House and other levels of care. Also important was the decision to seek out a partner who shared the same commitment, which it found in the non-profit management collaborative of Legacy Lifecare. Proof of the organization’s successes include JGS’ skilled nursing facility, The Leavitt Family Jewish Home, receiving a Five Star Quality Rating from The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the highest number of stars allotted to a skilled nursing facility. The nursing home is experiencing peak occupancy rates and its Sosin Center for Rehabilitation is thriving, with the recent addition of Northeast Rehab Associates, Inc. as a new provider.

A Legacy of Caring

JGS Lifecare has stayed true to the values and foresight of its original founders. For 111 years, JGS Lifecare has continued to deliver on its promise of providing excellent care, with compassion and dignity. In the late 1970’s, when JGS leadership planned the layout and amenities of what is now the Leavitt Family Jewish Home, a conscious decision was made to build predominantly private rooms as a way to ensure the greatest dignity and well-being for its residents. With the predominance of private rooms, The Leavitt Family Jewish Home is more home-like than many of its counterparts, and the skilled nursing facility of choice for many. Today, planning is underway to renovate the home to more modern standards, with a focus on environmental changes that can enhance the quality of life of its residents.

Adam Berman noted the importance of adhering to the organization’s values and mission statement. “The founders of JGS Lifecare had the foresight to put the dignity of the residents front and center,” remarked Berman. “This philosophy guides us in everything we do.”

Strength in Finding the Right Affiliate Partner

Another factor in JGS’s success lies in finding the right affiliate partner. In 2017, JGS Lifecare faced the same challenges as its counterparts in the nursing home industry: chronic staffing shortages, Medicaid underfunding and escalating costs of operations and facility upkeep. The decision was made to seek an affiliation partner who shared the same values, one that would bring managerial sophistication and expertise as well as economies of scale to operations, to help JSG compete in today’s complex healthcare world.

JGS Lifecare affiliated with Legacy Lifecare/Chelsea Jewish Lifecare in 2019. Legacy Lifecare’s mission is to help small-to-mid sized, values-driven senior care organizations navigate the complexities of modern healthcare. Through this affiliation, JGS was able to preserve its identity, its local governance, and its non-profit status, while benefiting from the managerial infrastructure ordinarily only available to large organizations. The support services and professional expertise of Legacy Lifecare have been critical assets to JGS Lifecare.

Continued Expansion of Services

JGS welcomed Northeast Rehab Associates, Inc to their campus last April, allowing JGS to expand services to include specialized orthopedic, cardiac, pulmonary and respiratory sub-acute rehab care at Sosin Center for Rehabilitation. This new partnership brings greater depth to their rehabilitation services, and is a further compliment to the JGS Lifecare campus of care, which offers skilled nursing home care (The Leavitt Family Jewish Nursing Home), rehabilitation services (Sosin Center for Rehabilitation), assisted living (Ruth’s House Assisted Living Residence), adult day health care (Wernick Adult Day Health Care), home health and hospice care (Spectrum Home Health & Hospice), palliative care (Francis B. Cohen Palliative Care Program), and independent living (Genesis Lifecare).

Going forward, the nonprofit will focus on maintaining the highest quality of care, nurturing its talented workforce, and continuing to expand its healthcare services.

“The Annual AJAS Conference was a wonderful opportunity for us to share strategies that have helped strengthen our organization,” remarked Dr. Stuart Anfang, Chairperson of the Board. “Not-for-profit elder care organizations will understand the need to act early to control their own destiny. Moreover, we have found our affiliation with Legacy Lifecare to have been instrumental in building a foundation for a strong and successful future, ensuring our position as a leader in the care for our community’s elders.”