September 16, 2022

September Activities

Outdoor activities, pet therapy, new recipes and staff celebrations are highlights of our September activities.

Residents and staff at the Leavitt Family Jewish Home have been enjoying the break in the heat and especially being outdoors. Research has shown that outdoor gardens are very therapeutic for the elderly, especially for those with dementia. Planting and nurturing flowers and vegetables calms the mind while boosting the spirit. Gardens stimulate the senses through aromatherapy. Gardening also helps seniors maintain core strength and balance, both of which are key for preventing falls. Thanks to a grant received from the Sephardic Foundation on Aging repairs and improvements are underway in two of our outdoor courtyards at the Leavitt Family Jewish Home, enhancing outdoor programming for our residents. In one courtyard the paved area has been extended 100 square feet to offer a larger area for gatherings and activities. Hedges and trees have been trimmed, new shrubs and perennial flowers have been planted, and new wood raised garden beds and outdoor furniture has been purchased. Our residents are enjoying being outdoors in a safe and secure environment, surrounded by all the benefits of nature.

Stephany White, a member of our therapy department, brought in her adorable black lab, who brought smiles and joy to our residents! Anyone who has ever stroked a dog’s soft ears or felt the gentle rumble of a cat’s purr knows the calming feeling an animal can offer. We are looking forward to more visits from our four-legged friends….we hope our resident cats Thelma and Louise won’t get jealous!

Who has ever heard of a green tomato pie? Well, our resident have, and they loved it! Cheryl Gumlaw and Dianne Cusson of our Life Enrichment Department tried out this new recipe and our residents found it to taste very similar to apple pie. They loved it, and the pies were really beautiful. Thank you Cheryl and Dianne!

At JGS Lifecare we have the best staff!! To show our appreciation for their extraordinary dedication and commitment, we held a two-day employee celebration for all shifts that included a food truck with delicious tacos, a cold beverage bar, and ice cream truck. Staff spun our big “Wheel of Fortune” for the chance to win prizes and everyone was entered in our raffle. Thank you for all that you do each and every day to enhance the lives of our residents!