October 14, 2020

Sam Baah, Care Manager at Ruth’s House Assisted Living Residence

Sam Baah, Care Manager of Ruth's House Assisted Living

Sam was born in Ghana and came to the US in Dec. 1999. There was an immigration lottery at the time and he won the lottery and was able to bring 3 of his 4 daughters: Priscilla, Esther and Christabelle. His wife Teresa would join him many years later along with his daughter Ophelia.

Sam was self-employed in Ghana, selling building materials and paints. After the death of his sister, he decided to travel. When he won the lottery, he left the business in the care of his wife and came to the US and settled in Springfield. He first found a job at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Six months later, in Aug. 2000, he came to work at Ruth’s House as a Care Manager. He continues in that position until today, celebrating his 20th anniversary on August 21st.

On this significant anniversary, Sam reflected on the years since he arrived in the US:  “Twenty years is a long time,” he said. “With the income I get from my job here, and with God’s grace, I have been able to put my children first and I can say, God bless Ruth’s House and God bless them all. For 12 years I was without my wife and raised my kids by myself until she could join me. It wasn’t easy but with God’s help I have been able to take care of my children. Christabelle graduated from Bridgewater University this year with her BA. Esther, who was 8 when we arrived in this country, graduated with a PhD in pharmacy in 2016, followed by a MA in Public Health Administration and is married with 2 children. Priscilla is now an LPN, married with 2 children. Ophelia is a social worker, married with 4 children, living in Springfield.

Sam started working at Ruths House when he was 45 and he is now 66. “I am healthy,” he says, “and I love taking care of the elderly. It’s a blessing to help people in need, especially the elders.”

When Sam is not working, he loves babysitting his grandchildren. He and his wife have 8 grandchildren now, although not all of them live in this area. He is also active in his church, New Creation First Baptist in Worcester. Sam is a man of strong faith, having been baptized into Christianity in 1980. His mother is 98, still living in Ghana. Sam last saw her almost 6 years ago when he made the trip back to his home country.

“At Ruths House,” he concludes, “it’s been all about teamwork and with all of us working together with a good spirit. That makes all the difference.”

We wish Sam many blessings as he concludes 20 years of service as a Care Manager at Ruth’s House. He has poured his heart and soul into taking care of his residents and has grown close with many families. He has always been a helpful partner on the team, and is always someone to count on to be there on any occasion. We send our deepest thanks to Sam for his devoted, loyal and loving service and his infectious spirit. May he and his family continue to prosper and know the fullness of God’s blessings.