January 14, 2020

Respite And Adult Day Health Care: Solutions That Help Caregivers & Loved Ones

Respite care and adult day care are viable options for seniors and their families. Both types of care enable caregivers to take time for themselves, while the elders are able to socialize with others as well as have access to additional care.

With respite stays, individuals can move into an assisted living for short period of time–anywhere from two weeks up to several months.“Respite stays are used in many ways,” said Megin Hemmerling, Director of Assisted Living Services at Chelsea Jewish Lifecare, the non-profit organization affiliated with JGS Lifecare.


“At Ruth’s House Assisted Living, respite can build confidence after a significant health event. Think of it as a trial run for the future.“ Hemmerling added, “Families get a very real sense of what assisted living entails and whether it is a good fit for their loved one. Essentially, short-term stays offer all the services and amenities of traditional assisted living, without a long-term commitment.”

Is Respite Care Right for My Loved One?

People choose respite care for a variety of reasons. Generally, the possibility of moving an elder to an assisted living has been discussed among the individual and family members, but no definitive decision has been made. Staying temporarily at an assisted living will allow the senior and the family to experience it on a short-term basis. The results are twofold: the senior experiences what it’s like to live in an assisted living residence, and the “respite” provides a much-needed break for the caregiver(s).

Short Term Rehab

“Respite care is an option for those who live in warmer climates such as Florida and Arizona year-round, and want to spend a few months up north in the summer,” said Hemmerling. “Individuals enjoy the many indoor and outdoor amenities and activities offered at the sprawling assisted living.”

Assisted Living

Finding the Right Adult Day Care Program in Western Mass

Adult day care is another option that provides support for caregivers as well as help for seniors. Wernick Adult Day Health Care on the JGS Lifecare campus enables seniors to enjoy a myriad of activities, prepared meals and the companionship of other attendees as well as the staff members. For many families, this is a practical option since it allows adults to get the help they need while continuing to live in their own home.

“There’s no cut-and-dry solution for caring for an elderly individual,” said Hemmerling. “But the good news is that today there are a myriad of options for the senior and the caretakers.” She added, ”In term of our respite care program, we’ve seen short-term residents ask to move in permanently as soon as possible. That’s a question we love to hear!”