September 8, 2022

Northeast Rehab Brings Specialized Patient-Centered Approach to JGS Lifecare Campus

A resident admiring the home grown tomatoes

On June 1st, 2022, Northeast Rehab Associates, Inc. relocated their Agawam practice to the Sosin Center for Rehabilitation on the JGS Lifecare campus. Rob Whitten, President of JGS Lifecare, is very excited about the new partnership. “Northeast Rehab, owned by Cherie Stack, adds a specialty component for orthopedic rehabilitation to our campus of care,” remarked Rob. “Cherie has always had a top-notch reputation in the industry, and I knew, coupled with our Green House® model of care and our existing rehab team, we would be able to achieve great things. Orthopedics is her true specialty, along with multi-trauma, but she also brings additional cardiac, respiratory as well as pulmonary care to the table.”

Mary-Anne Schelb, Director of Business Development at JGS Lifecare, recently sat down with Cherie to discuss the move. Take a look at why Cheri wanted to join the JGS family and her goals for the future.

Q. What prompted the move to JGS Lifecare?

A. Proper rehabilitation is a key component to living a long and healthful life. When I met with Rob Whitten, I could tell that our vision and mission aligned. At Sosin the patient is always put first. That’s how we operate as well and what really matters.

Q. What brought you to decide on the Sosin Center as the new location for Northeast Rehab Associates?

A. The Sosin Center is a small house model of short-term rehab care, known as the Green House® model. It is the only one in Western Mass. I was searching for an organization that adopted the person-centered care approach that is so important to optimal healing. My team and I have always treated the whole person, not just the symptom of the day. If you really listen to what the patients are saying, understand their goals, and work with their support system – you help them achieve their goals. I knew I could do this at Sosin. They had the foundation in place already, so it was a very smooth transition.

Q. Was there anything in particular that stood out about the Sosin Center and JGS Lifecare?

A. I was impressed that the Center offers all private patient rooms and bathrooms. That is really unique. Built upon the small house model of care, the Sosin Center really feels like a real home. From the central kitchen and open dining room and living room areas, our patients feel like they are living in a beautiful home. It truly is a wonderful place to rehab and prepare to go home. Add a state-of-the-art gym and a staff that is specially trained for great orthopedic outcomes, and it’s a win-win.

Q. What are your goals for the future?

A. I have always worked very closely with the area’s orthopedic surgeons. Working together with the patients and their families, we are able to identify and personalize each patient’s care plan to best regain their highest level of function and achieve their personal goals. For the past 25 years we have been a preferred and respected referral, and we have come to speak the same language. I am very much looking forward to the collaboration with JGS Lifecare.