November 12, 2021

Look What’s Happening at Leavitt Family Jewish Home!

A resident with her fall leaf craft

Our residents love gathering together to socialize and enjoy each other’s company and companionship. Plus, it’s fun for our Life Enrichment staff to plan these group get togethers. The “must-have” components: great food, fun activities and decorations.

Fall gave way to an October Tea Party, where we brought out our finest tea set and china. Residents enjoyed their tea and freshly baked pumpkin muffins, relishing the chance to sit together and socialize with friends.

The beautiful fall leaves inspired the creation of colorful fall wreaths, complete with turkeys for Thanksgiving, black-eyes Susans, and pumpkins to celebrate the season. Our residents took great pride in their creations — as they should. Without a doubt, their beautiful creations brighten up their rooms!