February 5, 2021

JGS Lifecare Holds Second COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic

Mary-Anne Schelb, JGS' Director of Business Development, helped set up and direct the clinic.

On Sunday January 31st and Monday February 1st JGS Lifecare held its second vaccine clinic, offering residents and staff the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination.   At the Leavitt Family Jewish Home 110 residents and 126 staff members received the vaccine.

Uvalyn Davis has been caring for residents at the Leavitt Family Jewish Home for over 23 years.  “I love my job,” Uvalyn said, “I l always wanted to be a nurse but I didn’t have the opportunity.  So this is the closest I get to what I wanted to do.  I love taking care of the elderly.  They are like family especially those that don’t have and family.  Before all of this, I used to hug them, dance with them, and sing with them,  Now, I miss all of that.”   During the COVID crises, Uvalyn was home sick, battling the illness.  Asked at the clinic how she was feeling about getting her second vaccination she said, “I feel great. I feel like I am alive and I feel good that I am protected.  With the shot I can protect my family from getting the virus from me, and I can protect my co-workers and my residents!”

Delila Jones, a member of the Life Enrichment staff, commented, “I am here to follow through with a promise I made to myself as well as others around me,  to do the right think in keeping myself healthy as well as everyone else that I care for all around.  So I am here celebrating with my special friends and my JGS family.”

Director of Wernick Adult Day Health, Carolyn Wence, waits in line for her vaccinationCarolyn Wence, Director of Wernick Adult Day Healthcare, remarked, “I am very excited to be getting my second COVID-19 vaccination today, to better protect myself, our adult day care participants who come into Wernick every single day, and the staff at JGS Lifecare.”

Darlene Fournier, a former short-term rehabilitation resident at Sosin Center for Rehabilitation, received her first COVID-19 vaccination while recuperating at Sosin Center. She was happy to be able to return to JGS to receive her second vaccination.  When asked about her stay at Sosin, Darlene shared, “It was so nice, and the food is delicious.  I received the first shot while I was a resident there.”  And regarding the clinic, “ It made me feel good to be able to come back and get my second vaccination here.  It was a nice experience to get the vaccination here.”

Our thanks to the CVS pharmacists and nurses who assisted in coordinating and administering the vaccination!  Our third clinic is scheduled to take place on February 21st and 22nd.