January 11, 2021

JGS Holds 2-Day COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic for Residents and Staff

Hero banner with two residents and two staff members of JGS Lifecare

Signatures fill the Superhero pledge to take a COVID vaccineJGS Lifecare recently held a 2-day COVID-19 vaccination clinic for residents and staff across its family of services. “This was an emotional and historic two days for JGS,” commented Rob Whitten, Executive Director of The Leavitt Family Jewish Home. “We are especially proud of our 103 staff members who have made history over these past two days, by being among the first in the nation to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, helping to stop the spread and flatten the curve! Over the past nine months our staff has shown an extraordinary level of dedication and resilience in keeping our residents safe and healthy. The vaccine has brought them a ray of hope, and the opportunity to take some control over the virus, and protect themselves, their residents and their loved ones. We are so grateful to the organizations and people that prioritized our most vulnerable population and our caregivers to receive the vaccination.”

Shannon Wesson, Director of Nursing at The Leavitt Family Jewish Home remarked, “Taking the vaccine is the best solution to reducing the risk of spreading the virus. I don’t want to risk giving it to a resident, or to anyone. If I can be a part of the solution I want to be… If I can be a part of helping, that is what nurses do.”A line of employees waiting for their COVID-19 Vaccine at JGS Lifecare

Madeline Presz, Executive Director of Ruth’s House Assisted Living was excited to have early access to the vaccine, “We are thrilled to be able to offer the vaccine to help protect our residents and staff from the spread of the virus. This is our resident’s home, and we want them to get as much protection as possible. I was happy and proud to be one of the first staff members in line to get the COVID-19 vaccine. I’m getting the vaccine for my family, my friends, my patients, and myself and I encourage everybody to do the same!”
Christina Tuohey, Director of Marketing at Ruth’s House commented, “I didn’t get this vaccine for me. I got this for my son, for my mother and grandmother, for my residents and for all the people who are not able to get it. I hope if you are given the opportunity you will get is as well.”

“It’s an honor for us to have the vaccine,” commented Sheila Hayes, Staffing Coordinator at The Leavitt Family Jewish Home. “I am very grateful, and most of the staff are feeling the same way. People want to get back to some sense of normal. I am anxious and hoping and praying that this will work and help us get back to our normal lives, where I can hug my Mom and see my children and grandchildren!”

Ivelise Perez, Dietary Aid, was the first to receive the COVID-19 VaccineIvelise Perez, Dietary Aid at the Leavitt Family Jewish Home, was the first JGS employee to receive the vaccine. While waiting to be called in she was visibly excited. “I am very proud to be the first in line to receive the vaccine,” she said. “I am getting the vaccine not just to protect myself, but to protect my co-workers, the residents and my family. I feel like I am making a difference!”

Uvalyn Davis, a CNA who has been working at The Leavitt Family Jewish home for over 23 years, contracted the virus back in April. She still feels the physical effects of the illness. “I am so excited to get the vaccine,” she shared. “I want to be able to get my strength back and not wear a mask. I want to hug my residents and dance with them again. I know what I went through, and I don’t want to get COVID again. The vaccine is for our safety, we’re all here together, and it is the best thing we can do!”Rob Whitten, Leavitt Family Nursing Home Executive Director, receives his COVID-19 Vaccine

Rabbi Devorah Jacobson, Director of Spiritual Life at JGS Lifecare, remarked, “I am so grateful and excited to be getting the COVID-19 vaccine. I hope everyone will take it when it’s available. It’s critical-in order to create the herd immunity that will keep us all safe – staff, residents and family members. It’s really all about the Common Good!! And hopefully we can soon return to some semblance of normalcy!”

102 residents also received the vaccine. Alice Goldrick, a resident at The Leavitt Family Jewish Home, was looking forward to getting the vaccine. “It’s the smart thing to do. Everybody should get it…it is a safety feature…much safety.”