February 25, 2021

JGS Caregiver Support Group is Back!

Mary Anne Schelb

Back by popular demand, the JGS Caregiver Support Group will once again be held at JGS. Under the supervision of facilitator Mary-Anne Schelb, the group will offer resident families as well as members of the local community advice and strategies on caregiving. Until the group can return to in-person gatherings, the Caregiver Support Group will be held virtually the second Wednesday of every month from 4:30pm to 5:30pm.

Mary-Anne Schelb, HHP, who is director of business development on the JGS Lifecare campus, holistic health practitioner and founder of Intentional Calm, a wellness and consulting firm, is committed to exploring the challenges and rewards of caregiving. As Schelb notes, “JGS will provide a safe, caring, compassionate and confidential space to gather while giving attendees valuable information and the resources needed to successfully care for a loved one.”

The group is geared to any individual who experiences feelings of stress and/or anxiety when taking care of a loved one. Topics will include caregiver burnout, COVID isolation, financial considerations, and behavioral issues, among many others. In essence, this group is ideal for anyone with questions pertaining to caregiving. In addition to Q&A sessions, there will also be an impressive mix of guest speakers.

The JGS Lifecare Caregiver Support Group upholds the “Three C’s.” Participants promise to be:

  • Caring to all others in the group.
  • Compassionate, listen, and speak from the heart.
  • Confidential, since others may be sharing sensitive information.

Moreover, participants promise to be kind and, although they may be sharing challenges, individuals are asked to focus on the positive and give suggestions for solutions.

For more information or to sign up to attend, please reach out to Mary-Anne Schelb at mschelb@JGSLifecare.org or call 413-567-6211 x 3571.