June 1, 2017

Dr. Bill Thomas’ ChangingAging Tour comes to Longmeadow on June 12

JGS Lifecare, a leading health care system serving seniors and their families, is pleased to host Dr. Bill Thomas’ ChangingAging Tour on Monday, June 12 in the Gloth Family Auditorium, JGS Lifecare, 770 Converse Street, Longmeadow, Mass. There will be two performances: “Disrupt Dementia” from 2:30-4:30 p.m., and “Life’s Most Dangerous Game” from 7-8:30 p.m.

Our culture tells us that aging will change us against our will, and for the worse. Dr. Bill Thomas, a graduate of Harvard Medical School and an international authority on geriatric medicine and eldercare, argues that this is false. Blending myth and science, live music and visuals, Dr. Thomas’ ChangingAging Tour is barnstorming the country in a rock and roll tour bus to bring communities a new and highly disruptive understanding of aging.

Drawing on ancient wisdom and scientific breakthroughs, the ChangingAging Tour challenges audience members to reject ageist stereotypes and embrace the moments of life that offer the greatest risk, reward and possibility.

Martin W. Baicker, president and CEO, JGS Lifecare, said, “We are thrilled to bring this transformational event to our local community. Dr. Thomas is the creator of the small house concept known as The Green House® model of care, which is employed at our new Sosin Center for Rehabilitation, and will be coming next to our Leavitt Family Jewish Home as part of Phase II of our Project Transformation.”

The Tour includes two non-fiction theater performances as well as an expert panel discussion and an immersive lobby experience. In the afternoon, “Disrupt Dementia”––featuring music and stories from Samite and Nate Silas Richardson, and co-hosts Dr. Jennifer Carson and Kyrié Carpenter––challenges common misconceptions and stereotypes of dementia. The evening performance, Dr. Thomas’ signature show, is “Aging: Life’s Most Dangerous Game” with musician Nate Silas Richardson and Namarah McCall, which explores aging as a rich process of growth.

“Aging can be reimagined as a vivid and enlivening process that presents us with extraordinary risks, and rewards,” Dr. Thomas said. “So, how are we supposed to play this most dangerous of all games? What do winning and losing look like?”

Through the performances, attendees will explore:

  • The difference between truth and illusion when it comes to aging
  • Effective insights for better health and well-being gained from the wisdom of elders
  • Exciting possibilities for every stage of life
  • Illuminating insights on what elders — even those living with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease — can teach us about creating kind and inclusive communities
  • Their important role as an elder or elder-in-training

Between the two performances, JGS Lifecare will offer a panel discussion, tours of the Sosin Center for Rehabilitation and vendor displays. Michael’s Café will be open for refreshments.

Thanks to support from event sponsors and supporters, JGS Lifecare is pleased to offer tickets for $10 each, a 50% discount, or attend both performances for $15 per person. National event sponsors include AARP and Holiday Retirement. Local event sponsors including Visiting Angels, The Alzheimer’s Association, Dr. Fred Brownstein and Health New England. Event supporters include Carr Property Management, Glenmeadow, HealthPro Rehabilitation, Healthcare Services Group, Jewish Family Services and Springfield Jewish Community Center.

Tickets can be purchased online at ChangingAging.com using discount code JGS50, or in person at JGS Lifecare, 770 Converse Street, Longmeadow, Mass., in the Development Office. For more information about this event, contact JGS Lifecare at 413-567-3049 ext. 1613.