November 8, 2022

Behind the Scenes at JGS

A resident bowling

We all remember being taught not to waste food, so do you wonder what we do with overly ripe bananas a Leavitt Family Jewish Home? Clearly, we don’t throw them out. We bake banana bread! Our residents love to cook…you can see by the broad smile on Anne’s face that she likes to help out. And the sweet smell of baking banana bread feels just like home! Our staff love to stop by and to sample a piece -or two.

Our residents love to show off their skills at our bowling tournament, held in the Hy and Roz Gloth Auditorium. Some stand and some sit to bowl the ball, and everyone has fun! All were winners, and after the competition, they savored delicious hot chocolate and banana bread.

Over the past few weeks our residents have been enjoying cooking, bowling, and visits with Thelma and Louise, our two resident cats. Petting or playing with a cat can be so therapeutic, reducing feelings of lonliness and brightening a person’s day. Here you can see Mary Lou petting Thelma. Our residents love to visit the activities room and share some special time with our furry friends!