July 3, 2020

Ana Guzman, CNA Wernick Adult Day Health Care

Born in Puerto Rico, Ana came to this country at the age of 12 with her mom and 2 brothers. They settled in Springfield, with an uncle nearby.  She attended Chestnut Middle School and then returned to Puerto Rico to live with her father.

Three years later, Anna returned to Springfield, earned her GED, and attended STCC. While taking classes there, she met someone special, got married, and together they had 2 children: a son, Jose and a daughter Joanna. After Jose started school, Ana decided to work outside the home and began training as a CNA. She was introduced to the Jewish Nursing Home when she was placed here to fulfill her 1000 clinical hours for the program. When she completed the program, she decided to stay on, as a CNA. The year was 1987. While initially working on the clinical units at JNH, Ana was offered the opportunity to work at the Wernick Adult Day Health program. For almost 31 years, she has with her co-workers been preparing breakfast, providing showers, offering activities, and talking walks with several generations of participants in this exceptional program. Since Wernick closed temporarily in March due to the Covid-19 virus, Ana has been helping out in the Nursing Home in various capacities as needed.

“I have always liked my job,” Ana declared, “I didn’t really want to do anything else. The residents and the participants need someone to talk to, someone they trust, and especially, someone who listens. That’s been very fulfilling for me. And it’s helped me in my own life as well. It has especially helped me develop more patience, and that helps me with my mom as she gets older and with my family too.”

In March, Ana contracted the virus and stayed home to recover. There was no doubt in her mind about returning to work. “I came back because I knew what was needed and I wanted to help,” she said. “It was painful and so sad to see that many of our residents died. That was very hard.”

When she’s not working, Ana enjoys her home and cooking. She also enjoys spending time with her 4 granddaughters: Lanaya, Kaylany, Coey and Nalia.

On July 12, Ana celebrates 33 years working at JGS Lifecare. We extend our profound gratitude to her for so many years of exceptional service, filled with caring, compassion and acceptance. We wish her many more years, filled with much joy and good health.