April 16, 2020

A Unique Anniversary Celebration Under Unusual Circumstances

A couple holding a banner that says happy 75th anniversary

20 decorated cars drove by Ruth’s House on Wednesday, April 15th to help this couple celebrate their 75th anniversary without breaking social distancing requirements. It was a wonderful display of people coming together to support one another in a challenging time! Below is a thank you note written by the daughter of the couple.

The Thank You Letter

An elderly couple holding hands

Dear Andrea, Madeline, Mindy and all the staff who helped make today so perfect!

I was so sad when I realized a couple of weeks ago that we wouldn’t be able to celebrate my parents’ anniversary with them. Honestly, I got depressed, thinking that this huge milestone, their 75th, could well be their last anniversary and we wouldn’t be able to be with them for it.

Instead, you helped us pull together a celebration that was so much fun, so full of optimism, and brought so much joy not just to my parents, but to everyone involved! Everybody who was out there today was so happy!

Thank you all so much.

Please, I don’t have Mindy’s email, so you could you forward this to her for me? And I never managed to introduce myself to the woman taking the pictures; could you include her in this as well? And ask her please to share the photos she took? We’d love to see them!

In addition, I know that all the staff in the Garden Wing was part of supporting this event. If you could share this email and the photos with them, please. I want them to know that, as always, we so appreciate everything they do.

That, of course, goes for all of you. We are so grateful that Mom and Dad are safe and so well cared for.

Bev and Tom