June 5, 2020

Maria Osorio, Housekeeper at The Leavitt Family Jewish

Maria Osoria, Housekeeper at The Leavitt Family Jewish

Maria came to the US in 1994 from Puerto Rico.  ”I didn’t understand any English” she shared. She took classes in English at STCC and continues to focus on improving her facility with the language.  Maria has three children: a daughter aged 26, as son 25, and a younger daughter who is 10.  She also has two granddaughters.

Maria has worked at JGS since 2006 as a member of the Housekeeping department.  She enjoys working here and especially enjoys her co-workers, and feels they all support each other.

When asked what the best part of her work is, she immediately replied, “The residents.  I love speaking with them.  They don’t have family coming to see them especially now.  I visit with them and I speak English with them. I know when they are sad and I comfort them.  Before the virus, I gave them hugs.  For me, they become part of my family.”

Maria was sick recently, having contracted the COVID-19 virus.  After recovering she immediately came back to join her team.  When asked what it’s been like working at the Home during the virus she replied, “In the beginning of this virus I was afraid, but I’m not afraid anymore.  I think about the residents, that they live here, and they need me.  They need me to keep their room clean.”

Maria is a humble and spiritual person, proud of what she has been able to accomplish in this country. “I learned how to drive,” she said excitedly.  Before passing her exam and getting a car, she walked everywhere, often very long distances.  “You need a car in this country to get where you need to go,” she smiled. “Now I am able to drive and help my family this way.”

We so appreciate Maria for her kindness to our residents and the friendship that she offers them.  Although our Housekeeping staff may not be as visible as our front line caregivers, they foster meaningful relationships with our residents and their role in cleaning and sanitizing the environment is equally as important, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We thank Maria and our entire Housekeeping staff for their commitment to the wellbeing of our residents and for the pride they take in providing them with clean and safe surroundings, and a place they can be proud to call home.