Planned Giving

Susan and Abe

By including JGS Lifecare as a beneficiary in your estate plan, you create a lasting legacy of your support for our personalized care across generations, allowing you to continue your philanthropy beyond your lifetime. Without affecting your assets today, you will ensure that your commitment to enhancing the lives of the elderly and those in need will remain a vibrant part of our future, improving lives for generations to come.

Depending on your philanthropic goals, JGS Lifecare offers many planned giving options, from naming JGS Lifecare as a beneficiary in your will to more complex trust arrangements. Your support will be recognized on our Circle of Honor Donor Recognition Wall and you will be invited to special events in your honor.

Consult with your financial planner to discuss how you can use a planned gift to accomplish the goals of your estate in a way that honors your family and supports your community.