Short-Term Rehabilitation

Opened in 2016, the Sosin Center for short-term rehabilitation contains two households, each designed to accommodate 12 residents. The first GREEN HOUSE® certified facility in western Massachusetts, the Sosin Center for Rehabilitation provides Physical, Occupational, and Speech short-term rehabilitation in a warm, personal setting that’s designed to feel like home, cared for by a team focused on helping each resident direct his or her own care. All skilled short-term rehabilitation therapies are provided in partnership with HealthPRO® Rehabilitation.

All rooms are private, with full baths, and each home has a shared living room, dining room, den and kosher kitchen—all potential spots for rehab exercises and activities. Treatment plans are created with the resident, designed to optimize recovery, maximize functional capacity and re-establish independence.

Advantages of the Green House model include superior medical care, increased socialization and one-on-one contact with caregivers, and fuller recoveries using less medication with fewer return trips to the hospital.

  • Less rehospitalization
  • Reduced medication use
  • Quicker, fuller recovery


Privacy & Personal Dignity

The Sosin Center’s warm and personal environments help build relationships proven to encourage healthier attitudes and behaviors that lead to increasing levels of independence. The design intentionally pairs the comfort of private rooms and bathrooms with family-style dinners and open common spaces to encourage socialization while providing privacy and greater personal control over day-to-day life.

Individualized Medical Care

At the center of our short-term rehabilitation services is superior medical care, which is affected positively by both consistency of staff and increased one-on-one
contact. Customized approaches touch on every point from scheduling (for example, individual waking times) to speed of recovery as it applies to each
individual’s challenges. One of the major advantages to recovery in this approach hinges directly on the personal involvement of invested caregivers
– who, not coincidentally, find their own jobs more rewarding as a result.

Social & Practical Living

Practicing the normal activities of living amid an active community with relationship-based care not only raises morale for healthier outcomes but also demonstrates practical skillset-building, like cooking, with opportunities for trial in a safer, private environment. This allows caregivers to facilitate more
effective therapies while also giving patients a stronger sense of confidence to progress towards independence.

Customized medical therapies plus fine-tuned, practical skills gained in a “real life” living situation with a sense of personal control exponentially improve the path towards a fuller, more rapid return to health – the ultimate goal of all rehabilitation.

Please contact us if you would like more information regarding any of our programs and services, or you’d like to take a tour of our campus community.

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