Short-Term Rehabilitation

We opened the Sosin Center for Rehabilitation in December 2016; the first Green House® certified nursing and rehabilitation facility in western Massachusetts. Our caring professionals offer physical, occupational, and speech therapy in a warm, personal setting that’s designed to feel like home, focusing on helping each patient direct his or her own care.

We provide all skilled short-term rehabilitation therapies in partnership with HealthPRO® Rehabilitation. Patients needing long-term rehabilitation have access to our Leavitt Family Jewish Home.

In addition to caring for our residents’ physical needs, we understand the importance of meaningful stimulation and engagement. Our multidisciplinary Sosin Center team develops an individualized and comprehensive plan of care for every resident. Residents benefit from an abundance of one-on-one interaction as well as group socialization.

Privacy & Personal Dignity

The warm and personal environments of the Sosin Center help build relationships proven to encourage healthier attitudes and behaviors, leading to increased levels of independence. The design intentionally pairs the comfort of private rooms and bathrooms with family-style dinners and open common spaces to encourage socialization while providing privacy and greater personal control over day-to-day life.

All rooms are private, with full baths, and each home has a shared living room, dining room, den and kosher kitchen—all potential spots for rehab exercises and activities.  Amenities include:

  • 2 homes each with 12 private rooms that have full, private bathrooms
  • Family-style kosher kitchen with meals prepared on-site and served in an inviting dining room
  • Spacious living room and den in each home
  • Multi-season screened porch
  • Michael’s Café, a kosher café
  • Spiritual support, including rabbi on-site
  • On-site salon and banking services

Individualized Medical Care

Practicing the normal activities of living amid an active community with relationship-based care not only raises morale for healthier outcomes but also demonstrates practical skillset-building, like cooking, with opportunities for trial in a safer, private environment. This allows caregivers to offer more effective therapies, giving patients a stronger sense of confidence to progress towards independence.

At the center of our short-term rehabilitation services is superior medical care. Treatment plans are created with the resident, designed to optimize recovery, maximize functional capacity and re-establish independence.

Personalized approaches touch on every point from scheduling (for example, individual waking times) to speed of recovery as it applies to each individual’s challenges. One of the major advantages to recovery in this approach hinges directly on the personal involvement of invested caregivers—who, not coincidentally, find their own jobs more rewarding as a result.

Health Services at the Sosin Center

Customized medical therapies plus fine-tuned, practical skills gained in a “real life” living situation with a sense of personal control greatly aide a fuller, more rapid return to health—the ultimate goal. Health services include:

  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Shahbazim (certified nursing aides) provide personal care and assistance with activities of daily living
  • Specialty programs for orthopedic conditions, pulmonary rehabilitation, heart failure, wound care, neurological conditions, and complex medical conditions
  • Medication management
  • Physician and nurse practitioner on-site

The Green House model

The Green House model offers superior medical care increased socialization, one-on-one contact with caregivers, fuller recoveries using less medication with fewer return trips to the hospital