Our goal is to provide the highest possible quality of life for each and every resident. All activities are designed to promote good health through personalized wellness programs. Residents enjoy active, healthy lifestyles, with an emphasis upon nutritious meals, social interaction and emotional well-being.

Amenities and Activities

Social and recreational activities play an important role in the day-to-day living. We make it easy for residents to interact and spend time together, forging lasting relationships. Each week, there are a wide variety of on and off-campus activities.

Massage Therapy and Yoga

Pet Therapy

Art Therapy

Day Trips

Card Games, Arts & Crafts, Movies, Concerts & Sing-Alongs

Comedian Visits, Lectures & Resident Fashion Shows

Restaurant & Shopping Outings

Holiday Parties, Family Days & Birthday Celebrations

Mentally & Physically Engaging Activities & Exercises

Wellness Program

Physical Exercise

Intergenerational Activities & Socialization


Special Events