March 3, 2022

Thank You Note to Staff Member Brightens the Day!

Mary Anne Schelb holding a thank you note.

Mary-Anne Schelb, Director of Business Development, Western Mass Market at JGS, recently received a thank you note that warmed her heart. About a year ago, Mary-Anne met with Nancy P., a referral from a friend and owner of a local home care agency. Nancy was looking for senior care options for her aging mom. Being the concerned person that she is, Mary-Anne intently listened to Nancy’s dilemma and provided potential options and possible solutions.

Recently Mary-Anne received the gracious thank-you note below from Nancy. She was incredibly touched. As Mary-Anne explained, “Listening and truly hearing others is so important. Sometimes a few remarks can have a huge impact upon someone’s life even if it doesn’t result in their family member on our campus. Helping in the goal. And that looks different for everyone.”

On a side note, the letter was post marked 02-22-2022, which is symbolic in and of itself. The number 2 revolves around communication and, of course, duplicates of this number only amplify the communication factor. “I find it apropos that this letter was postmarked on this date,” reflected Mary-Anne. “We all need to remember that communication with others is such a vital part of our lives, especially in an industry of caring for others.”

Dear Mary-Anne,

I don’t know if you will recall, but you helped me just by listening to my dilemma regarding my mom last year. I was referred by Suzanne M.

Mom passed in November and I have been so grateful to all the people who helped me deal with all her health issues, including you. Thank you for all you do for those of us dealing with our elders.

All the best,
Nancy P.