September 14, 2021

Service Employee Recognition Awards – We Appreciate You!

Our most important asset is our staff and we recently held a Service Employee Recognition Day on all of our campuses.

The ceremony, led by Adam Berman, was a heartfelt tribute to our wonderful employees. The Executive Directors in each building called the names of each honoree as well as their number of years of service. Each honoree came up to receive a certificate, a bouquet of flowers, and pins in 5-year increments

The popular South9 food truck was on-site for each event, offering delicious burgers, fries, chicken tenders and more were offered throughout the day. Cake and coffee were served at the ceremony and candy bags were handed out as everyone was leaving.

It was genuinely uplifting to watch our staff celebrate each other. They took the time to clap for each and every name that was read, even if the person wasn’t present.

Congratulations to all of our honorees. You are such an integral part of our organization!


  • John P. Roy
  • Vivian E. Marshall


  • Sharon Ritchie


  • Susan K. Halpern
  • Zuzanna Lakomska
  • Dianne L. Modeste
  • Antoinette M. Moseley


  • Ava M. Wills
  • Donnette Barnett
  • Michele Adkins
  • Samuel Baah
  • Debra L. Jacobson
  • Eve M. Fraser
  • Sheila D. Hayes


  • Veronica Sudeene-Robinson
  • Lynne A. Crafts
  • Tammy L. Sikorski
  • Deanna M. Crapps
  • Dianne Cusson
  • Cheryl Gumlaw


  • Ellen Rosemond
  • Alena Saunders
  • Sonia Vasquez
  • Natalie Johnson
  • Andrea Bates
  • Johane Jean Noel
  • Vivian Hatwood
  • Chad Gammad
  • Yachira Navedo
  • Adriana Serra-Morales
  • Kim Lewison
  • Thembinkosi Makovere
  • Robert G. Gale


  • Diahann Wimmer
  • Patricia Meshack
  • Michael Schoen
  • Holly Payne
  • Kathleen Whitney
  • Karen A. Mitchell
  • Marie R. Sullivan
  • Cynthia Lutzen
  • Melly Howland
  • Georgia Blake
  • Samantha Panniello
  • Rebecca Skubiszewski
  • Madeline C. Presz
  • Melissa C. Brown
  • Shannon N. Jasienowski
  • Garnett Dunkelly
  • Farrah Lawrence
  • Jerome McIntosh
  • Karen Allen
  • Soraya McKenzie
  • Latoya Pinnock
  • Abigail Rivera
  • Kelly Kularski
  • Shani Francis
  • Elaine Miller-Allen
  • Shavon L. Phillips
  • Jesus Carattini
  • Becky M. Goulet
  • Cheri L. Ludwiczak
  • Marie Moise
  • Heather Guadeloupe
  • Jalanda Johnson
  • Lauren Devine
  • Guillermo Quinones-Rivera
  • Kinga Guberow
  • Paul Blanton