February 9, 2022

JGS Morale Team Launches New KUDOS Recognition Program

KUDOS paperwork

Ed Mack with the Morale Team logo shirtA new inter-disciplinary staff committee, The JGS Morale Team, has been formed to discuss ways to support our staff through what will be looked upon as one of the most stressful periods in the delivery of healthcare. Their team motto says it all: “A Better Place To Work Makes A Better Life.” Led by Ed Mack, Director of Housekeeping, each month twenty staff members gather, representing all divisions of our JGS team, and brainstorm programs and initiatives to support our staff, including recognizing their extraordinary efforts to live the CARE values. CARE at JGS Lifecare, stands for Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence. These values form the foundation of the JGS Lifecare Culture of Caring.

In January, the Morale Team sponsored an All-Employee Holiday Party as a way of expressing gratitude for the dedication and commitment that staff exhibit each and every day, caring for our residents and clients under the stresses of strict safety protocols and healthcare staffing shortages. What better way to demonstrate gratitude and bring comfort than through games, prizes and lots of food! Featuring a wide assortment of traditional foods that represent the many ethnicities of our diverse staff, attendees enjoyed the comfort of dishes representing Spanish, Italian and Soul Food cuisines. The event was a huge success and the staff can’t wait for an encore!

In February the Morale Team launched the new KUDOS Recognition Program with a letter to our families, encouraging them to help us recognize and honor employees who have gone “above and beyond” and done something special for their loved one. Families have been encouraged to send a brief note to our KUDOS email address at jgs_kudos@jgslifecare.org or to fill out a form available at the reception desk of each of our entities. All KUDOS will be posted in a central location for all to see, and the employees who are recognized will get a copy of your KUDO.

Help us honor our caregivers and staff throughout the organization by sending them a KUDOS! For any questions, or ideas, please reach out to Ed Mack at emack@jgslifecare.org or 413-567-6211.