March 27, 2024

JGS Lifecare Presents Annual Molly Neigher President’s Award

Molly Neigher headshot

JGS Lifecare continued the tradition of honoring employees for their hard work and dedication by presenting the Molly Neigher President’s Award to one clinical and one non-clinical employee. These staff members demonstrate excellence in living and modeling the JGS Lifecare Core “CARE” Values, which stands for Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence.

Each recipient receives public recognition of their achievement as well as a $500 monetary award. In addition, the Neigher Family recognizes each recipient with a donation to The Neigher Family Chapel Fund in their honor, which helps support and enrich religious and spiritual programming at JGS Lifecare.

The clinical recipient of this award was Elinor (Ellie) Riberio, a registered nurse manager at the Leavitt Family Jewish Home, who was honored in mid-March before a gathering of co-workers. The non-clinical recipient of this award was Charlie Ventura, a cook at Ruth’s House Assisted Living Residence, who received his honor this past December, amongst his co-workers and residents at Ruth’s House.

In announcing Ellie Riberio as an award recipient, Carol Mortensen, Executive Director at the Leavitt Home reflected, “Ellie is a dedicated compassionate and dependable person. Her compassion shines through every day. She always greets everyone with a smile and a ‘Good morning, how are you!’ and encourages residents, families and staff to laugh and enjoy life. Ellie consistently maintains the highest quality of care for her residents and goes above and beyond, ensuring the needs of her residents and their families are met. I can’t think of a more deserving person to recognize than Ellie!”

Christina Tuohey, Executive Director at Ruth’s House Assisted Living, bestowed the non-clinical award to Charlie Ventura, reflecting, “Charlie’s compassion shines through in every meal he prepares. Beyond creating delicious and nutritious dishes, he goes above and beyond to ensure that each resident’s dietary preferences, restrictions, and cultural needs are accommodated, creating a dining experience that brings comfort and joy to all. He consistently maintains the highest standards of food safety and hygiene, ensuring that the meals served at Ruth’ House meet or exceed regulatory requirements. Charlie’s respectful and inclusive approach contributes significantly to the overall well-being of our residents!”

The Molly Neigher President’s Award was established in 2014 by Molly’s son, Bill Neigher, and her husband, Abe Neigher, of blessed memory, a former volunteer and resident of The Leavitt Family Jewish Home. Bill and Abe sought to both honor Molly and the JGS Lifecare staff, who both demonstrate the extraordinary commitment to creating a community of caring and loving-kindness for our seniors.

Bill Neigher explained the significance of the award. “Molly loved this organization with all her heart, and with all her soul. She was one of the women who worked tirelessly to raise the funds to relocate the Home from Copley Terrace in Springfield to our JGS Longmeadow campus. She saw its foundation and spirit rise, and then rededicated in 1972, continuing the vision, promise and commitment that began in 1912.” Added Bill, “May Molly’s memory be a blessing, and may all who receive this Award go from strength to strength.”

Pictured in the main image: Molly Neigher