September 20, 2021

Family Feedback!

Hero banner with two residents and two staff members of JGS Lifecare

We truly appreciate hearing from family members about the care our staff provides to our residents. Take a look at the letter below from Tom Bienkowski. Thank you, Tom, for taking the time to express your thoughts to us. It means everything.

Dear Nurses, Assistants, Helpers and Volunteers on C-1,

Our sister, Jeanne Bienkowski had been a resident of your facility for the past several years. We all saw the slow decline and increased needs that Jeanne presented as time progressed. There are many of you that we saw and many that worked the overnight shifts. We did not know each of you individually as our visits focused on Jeanne. We did however, get to recognize your familiar faces, big smiles and caring nature. You made provisions to ensure our visits were respectful and comforting. The pandemic made visits impossible, but you carried out your duties to ensure the individuals, like Jeanne, got the care they needed.

On behalf of the entire Bienkowski family, we wish to tell you how grateful and pleased we are with the loving care you provided our sister Jeanne. During her waning years, you were there to help Jeanne with her daily needs. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. As I said to many of you upon my visits, you are the angels on earth, caring for the sick and providing hope for the families.

Tom Bienkowski