March 8, 2022

Collection for People of Ukraine

Ukrainian flag heart

We have a very tangible way to help those in need in Ukraine through an effort spearheaded by the Saints Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church in Ludlow, and its pastor, Fr. Andriy Krip.

Fr. Krip has identified, through personal contacts on the ground, two social service organizations in the Western part of Ukraine (Lviv) which are receiving supplies and distributing them to the people most in need. One organization, the Center for Social Support, will distribute items to civilians, the second, the Garnison Lviv Dept. of Support, will deliver to wounded soldiers.

Below is a list of supplies requested:

  • The Center for Social Support is collecting blankets, sleeping bags, socks, diapers, formula, wipes, and children’s clothing (new).
  • The Garnison Lviv Dept of Support is collecting medical supplies, first aid kits, various kinds of bandages, Vaseline, medical tape, bleed stop medications, elastic bandages, Tylenol, ibuprofen, and Betadine.

Fr. Andriy and the members of the Saints Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church will be receiving the donations until April 1. They will then ship what has been collected to Poland. Funds from Rabbi Devorah Jacobson’s Discretionary Fund will be used to defray the cost of shipping.

We will be accepting donations at The Leavitt Family Jewish Home and Ruth’s House Monday through Friday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. If someone needs to drop off at a different time, they should coordinate with the front office by calling 413-567-6211 or 413-567-6212. We will be accepting donations until March 31st.