September 22, 2020

Christine Lunsford, RN, BSN, Clinical Reimbursement Coordinator, Leavitt Family Jewish Home

Christine Lunsford, RN, BSN, Clinical Reimbursement Coordinator at the Leavitt Family Jewish Home

Christine was born and raised in Springfield along with her older brother Michael. She graduated from Central High School in 1996 and then pursued an education to become a nurse. She has always enjoyed caring for others and being a nurse was a goal of hers since early on.

She graduated from STCC in 1999 with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing and passed her Boards to become a Registered Nurse. She began her first job out of school on Sept. 7, 1999 at the Jewish Nursing Home. She started as a nurse on the A-2 unit on the 3-11p shift. Soon after, she was promoted to the position of Unit Manager on A-2 and also as a JNH Nursing Supervisor. For the last 15 years, she has led the MDS Dept. as the Clinical Reimbursement Coordinator. She also managed during these years to graduate from AIC with her BSN degree.

Reflecting on her almost 21 years of service at JGS, Christine said, “I’ve seen a lot here over the years, especially the ways in which healthcare has evolved. I have always loved the residents and I do miss the bedside patient care that I used to do. And I have had the opportunity to work with many different people including various managers and to learn new things from them. I feel like the organization has always been supportive to me. I have had so much faith in the care delivered at JGS that I have had many loved ones over the years come here for care when it was needed. In many ways, I grew up in this facility and went through so many life events here: I bought my first house, got married, had 3 kids, experienced especially more recently some big losses, gained more education, and throughout the years,  the organization has always been supportive with anything I needed. I have met a lot of amazing people and have developed some amazing friendships while here.”

Christine married her high school sweetheart, Rick, in 2004. They moved to East Longmeadow in 2005.  They have 3 kids: Maddy age 13, Gabby almost 10, and Ricky age 7. Her family and being a mom has really been central to her life. Every year, until this year due to the current pandemic, Christine and her family have been going to the Cape, either in South Yarmouth or elsewhere. And every year, until this year, her mom has enjoyed taking Christine and her family and her brother to Lake George in NY, where they have enjoyed all the activities a lake vacation could offer: swimming, paddle boarding, para-sailing, fishing and more. While her mom and dad are still alive, Christine’s brother Michael died at the age of 42. This August will mark the first anniversary of his death.

Outside of work, Christine enjoys family get-togethers and entertaining family and friends at her home.  She is always happy and quite content when her house is full, especially with her children’s friends.

We are so grateful to Christine for her long tenure at JGS. We celebrate this milestone with her and wish her continued success, satisfaction and growth at work. She is a true team player, always reliable and responsible, with a big heart for her residents and other colleagues. We also wish her and her family well, good health and much joy.