July 21, 2020

Beth Ann Kalinko, CNA Sosin Center for Rehabilitation

Healthcare Hero Beth Ann Kalinko, CNA at Sosin Center for Rehabilitation

Beth Ann Kalinko was born and raised in Springfield and that is where she still resides. She has one brother, Gregory.  She graduated from Classical High School and then went to work at American Cyanamid, a West Springfield company that made Breck products. Beth worked on the production line for a while and then went to work in the company office. That was enough to inspire her to pursue another line of work, and she decided to become a CNA.

In 1986, she and her husband Joe got married, and soon had 2 children.  Her oldest daughter Katie will be 31 this fall and is planning a September wedding, and their youngest daughter Kara is 28, married, with one child, Sophia. She is Beth and Joe’s only grandchild for now.

Beth pursued her CNA training at STCC. Immediately after graduation, she was hired at the Jewish Nursing Home, twenty six years ago, on July 18, 1994. She first worked on the A-2 unit, and then moved to the A-1 unit for about 10 years. She then transferred to the NY unit which at the time, was the Rehab unit. “That’s really my calling,” Beth said, “I really enjoy Rehab. I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing the progress of my residents and to know that I had a part in their getting better.” When the Sosin Center for Rehabilitation opened in 2016, Beth immediately applied and was accepted. It was a natural fit!

“I love working at Sosin, “she smiled, “I love to cook, and I take a lot of joy preparing the meals for the residents. It has such a homelike feel. I really do feel at home there, like I have a warm blanket wrapped around me.”

Thinking about her tenure of 26 years, Beth reflected: “I’m not one to move around a lot. I am a pretty contented person. And I’m happy here. My co-workers are like my family. With some, we are very very good co-workers, even though there might be a big age difference. There are some that you just click with and work well with and the residents notice that too. They see that we are working well together, and that we are not rushing them or ourselves to get things done. “

During these last few months, caring for patients with COVID has not been easy Beth said, but “I never called out. This is our job, and this is what we signed up for. That’s my belief.  My parents instilled a really good work ethic in me, and I have tried to do that with my children as well.”

In her spare time, Beth enjoys quilting, counted cross stitch, vacationing in Vermont, Rhode Island and the Canadian Maritimes, especially visiting local breweries.

We are incredibly grateful to Beth for her years of devoted service to the residents of the Jewish Nursing Home. She has served with integrity, love and compassion for 26 years and has been a highly respected and reliable member of the team. We wish her, her husband, her daughters and their families, many years of good health and much joy.