April 5, 2022

Bequest from JGS Lifecare Past President Paul Salvage

Paul Salvage headshot

Continues a Longtime Commitment of Caring

Wise, even-tempered, approachable, thoughtful and caring — these are some of the words people share when asked to describe Paul Salvage. And care he did, not only for the people in his family and close circle of friends and colleagues, but also for the many people served by the JGS Lifecare family of services.

Paul served as chairman of the board of JGS from 2000 – 2003. These were the years immediately following the completion of the JGS Regeneration Capital Campaign, which funded significant renovations to the 25-year-old Leavitt Family Jewish Home and made possible the expansion of services to include assisted living, with the building of Ruth’s House Assisted Living Residence.

Paul was instrumental in all of the planning, as an active board participant and as a member of the Assisted Living Planning Committee. He understood in the late 1990’s that the nursing home needed modifications and upgrades to serve increased medical needs, given that the average age of long-term care residents was increasing.  And he recognized the gap that existed for elders who could no longer live independently but were not yet in need of a skilled-care nursing home. The answer was Ruth’s House Assisted Living, a home-like residence designed to assist with one’s activities of daily living, while also encouraging greater independence, dignity and well-being. “Paul was committed to its success,” remarked Marian Broder, past president of JGS and chair of the Assisted Living Planning Committee. “I recall that Paul advocated for a private dining room where families could gather and enjoy family functions, and it became a part of our plan. Paul was willing to make solicitations and telephone calls to raise the necessary funds, and it was hard for people to turn him down.”

As chairman, following the opening of Ruth’s House, Paul led JGS at a crucial time in its history. He oversaw the integration of all of the JGS entities and lent his strong financial acumen to help ensure the operational success of Ruth’s House. Paul co-chaired a marketing and community outreach event that succeeded in bringing over 800 people of all ages to the JGS campus for a day of fun, food and family, and the opportunity to learn about the JGS system of care. “Homecoming” offered intergenerational activities, presentations, crafts, entertainment, food and tours, and attracted many younger families who otherwise would not have reason to visit the JGS campus, exposing them to the integrated system of health care services for the elderly, located right in their own community. It was a tremendous success.

Stephen Krevalin, one of Paul’s law partners and past president of JGS Lifecare, reflected, “Paul grew up in Springfield, and always felt close to the nursing home. He was very committed to helping take care of our community’s elderly and needy. Paul clearly understood the importance of JGS Lifecare and all of its entities to our entire community. His presence and contributions were enormous and invaluable. There are very few people as genuine and caring as Paul Salvage. He was the epitome of a “mensch”, the Yiddish word for a person of great integrity and honor.”

Mike Hurwitz, past president of JGS reflected, “Paul was a part of a generation of volunteers at JGS who set the bar very high for me and others to follow.”

“Paul was sincerely interested in our organization and in bettering the services we provide to elders,” remarked Theo Glickman, long-time JGS supporter and past president of the Leavitt Family Jewish Home.

Paul’s wife Phyllis Salvage, reflected, “Paul first became active in the Home when his close friend Dr. Leon Kruger was president in 1973. But Paul’s involvement ran in his family, as Paul’s grandmother Rebecca, was one of the founders of the Daughters of Zion Home for the Aged, located on Massasoit Street in Springfield. It is so important to me that Paul be remembered for his lifelong dedication to the Home and his concern for continued excellent care for the residents. Although we have moved away our hearts will always be in Longmeadow and Springfield.”

Sadly, Paul passed away on March 12, 2020. He was surrounded by his loving family at his home in Carlsbad, CA. Paul is survived by his wife Phyllis, his son Peter and wife Joanne Fowler (of New York City) and his daughter Andrea Salvage Motawi and her husband Wade Motawi (of Carlsbad, CA), and grandchildren, Olivia and Ella Salvage, and Alex and Erik Motawi. He left a bequest to JGS Lifecare that will serve as a reminder of his steadfast commitment to the JGS residents. His gift will support the purchase of a computer technology system that provides meaningful and accessible content to seniors at any level of physical or cognitive ability, through the use of a mobile touch screen. This technology provides new ways for residents to connect, explore, learn and be engaged, helping fight feelings of isolation and loneliness that all too often plague the elderly. The system is called iN2L for “It’s Never Too Late.” For Paul Salvage, it’s never too late to have a positive impact on the quality of life of the JGS Lifecare residents.

To recognize Paul’s commitment to JGS Lifecare, a tree planting ceremony will take place at the Leavitt Family Jewish Home in the spring. Friends and family will gather to honor this special man. The tree, a symbol of life, is also the symbol for JGS Lifecare. It’s a fitting tribute for a special man. The exact date of the dedication will be announced soon.