April 13, 2022

Behind the Scenes at JGS Lifecare

A resident happily making cupcakes

There’s a lot going on at JGS now that activities are back in full swing. Here’s a look at what’s happening around the campus:

Artists in Residence
The 3D paintings created by our residents are really beautiful. They tear out a photograph from a calendar and paint over the image with acrylic paint. And the results are magical. The image pops out in 3D! Our residents are proud of their efforts —as they should be.

Purim Celebrated with Laughter and Smiles
Purim is a festive celebration at the Leavitt Home. Residents enjoyed the performance of our well costumed staff telling the story of Purim through the reading of The Megillah, The Book of Esther. Entertainment was provided by the talented Laura Wetzler. Across our campus , residents enjoyed the 40 bags of Shalach Manot (Purim gift bags) assembled by the students at Sinai Temple. The hamentashen were baked by the 7th graders and the other goodies were made by pre-K to 7th graders. A great time was had by all.

March Birthdays Celebrated with Cupcakes
To celebrate our March birthdays, residents helped bake delicious cupcakes. Clearly, baking is a favorite pastime of our residents, and the smell of freshly made cupcakes is simply divine. Almost as good as eating them!

Donations to The People of Ukraine
Thank you for the many donations we received for the people of Ukraine. Our lobbies were filled with bags and boxes of blankets, sleeping bags, children’s clothing, diapers, medical supplies and first aid kits. Two large deliveries were made to Saints Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church in Ludlow. Fr. Andriy Krip is managing the delivery of the items to Poland, where they will be distributed to civilians though The Center for Social Support as well as to wounded soldiers through the Garnison Lviv Department of Support. Funds from Rabbi Devorah Jacobson’s Discretionary Fund are being donated to help with the cost of shipping. We are grateful for this mitzvah opportunity and truly appreciate the donations we have received from staff, resident families and the community.