September 8, 2022

Attention Residents and Families: We Need Your Help!

Melissa Kershaw headshot

Our Resident Satisfaction Survey is here. This survey is a means for our organization to obtain valuable feedback, enabling us to provide the best quality care. To coordinate the survey, we have partnered with Activated Insights, a nationally recognized research firm.

“The involvement of our families is vital to the care and support of our residents,” stated Melissa Kershaw, MPT, Director of Development for Chelsea Jewish Lifecare. “Family feedback allows us to celebrate the things we are doing well and also make adjustments in the areas where we can do better.”

The survey is completely confidential and will take place from September 12 through October 4. At that time, residents and families will receive an email or text invitation from Activated Insights providing you with a special link to the survey. This link will be unique to each individual. The survey can be accessed via a smart phone, computer, or tablet and is compatible with all devices and web browsers. It should take approximately ten minutes to complete the survey.

Our “Survey Champion,” also known as our Executive Directors, will guide residents who need assistance with the survey. They will be available to provide tablets for residents, answer questions, assist with the survey code and offer assistance with reading the questions, if needed.

Results will be shared residents and families a few months after the end of the survey. Kershaw stressed the importance of the survey. “We continuously strive to support and care for our residents in the best possible way. Family feedback is invaluable and will guide us as we strive to ensure that our residents are living their best lives!”

Here is a preview of a sample question: